What to wear?

It is best to keep clothing simple, avoiding logos or busy patterns. I always suggest layers/textures. In group photos, color coordinating is always more pleasing to the eye. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. Feel free to bring a change of clothing.

What to bring?

For family and/or children photo sessions: outfit changes, a drink, favorite toy, special stuffed animal. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience.

How long does the photo shoot session last?

The actual session itself usually lasts about 1.5 hours or up to 3 hours for a newborn session. Wedding Collections range from 4.5hrs, 6.5hrs or 8.5hrs.

No problem! I am a mother of 2 kids myself. I know that life can get crazy and that sickness might creep up on you. Please try to contact me at least 24 hours in advance in the event that you need to reschedule. We will find a time for you!

What if I need to reschedule?

Yes, I do request that all clients sign a contract with Monica Valencia Photography.

Do I need to sign a contract?

I know that you are anxious to see your images. Galleries will be ready for viewing within 2-4 weeks for portrait sessions and 8-10 weeks for weddings. You will get a little sneak peak (1-2 images) of your session within 2 days.

How long will it take before I can see my images?

You will hear my camera clicking a lot! I take a lot of images in order to capture that perfect moment. No, you won’t get every image that I take. I will choose the best of the best and those images will be edited and delivered to you.

You took so many pictures! Do I get them all?

There is indeed! We photog’s call it the magic hour. The 1-2 hours before the sun sets is the best time to shoot. You get the most amazing warm, glowing light during this time.

Is there a perfect time of day for my photos?

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